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Our long experience in the field of catering in combination with the excellent quality deep freezing products that we seek to offer you are our guarantee for the taste of our products.

Our Company all these years complies with all the specifications for the building facilities for the preparation and packaging of meat products based on the factory law. All the necessary provisions are taken for suitable sanitary facilities as determined by the Sanitary and Veterinary Services. Our facilities and storage areas are subject to periodic and regular Sanitary and Veterinary inspections.
All raw materials, domestic as well as imported, have all the necessary food suitability certificates.
The specific certificates are checked and approved by the State Health and Veterinary Services. Our company Alfa Foods ltd regularly conducts its own private analyzes for even better and reliable control of the specifications of either the raw materials or the imported ones used in the company’s production lines.In addition, at regular intervals of not more than one month, it conducts analyzes of the suitability of the final product before it is placed on the market and takes all the necessary measures to safeguard and ensure the health of its consumers.

Finally, as a company aware of the environment in food safety and quality, A. Theodosiou Frozen Foods ltd complies and follows the new practices, regulations, current European standards and codes.


Pure meat

We always make sure to choose quality and local ingredients to give flavor to our products


We choose pure and fresh ingredients and process them in a traditional way to the strictest hygienic standards.


All products are frozen with the "BLAST FREEZING" technology in just a few minutes from their production to keep all their freshness and taste

Our Products

A feast of flavors that you will love